As you describe, you avoided the HB pointing the heat gun to the sides only, but it might just be, that it picked up some heat anyway. It really doesn't cost that much (less than a hundred) and will save you a ton of headache. I have been doing iPhone 7/7P as soon as the replacement screen was available. If the iPhone is not working correctly after screen replacement, the home button is damaged, due to the stress on the cable while removing. i replace my screen the home button is working but the Touch ID scanning its not working it all,¿any clues? Sean Campbell If you're using a case or screen protector, make sure it doesn't cover the Home button or the surrounding ring. Good job Tony, unfortunately most individuals or even shops don't have the necessary equipment to do board level micro repairs. Try putting the old screen back on and let me know. Screen replaced i7 HB didnt responded at all. Marius Werdecker That’s probably it. Sean Campbell. if i had damged the home button flex cables runnin through the backside of screen, my question is that "why own home button works fine with damaged HB cable", Answer should be "there must be another mistery". Try swapping the home button link cable using the original one on the new screen. Get quality screens, i know people like to maximise profits by cheaping out on screens but its not worth it for the ip7 as it stands, you only end up moving the HB more and that causes extra stress on a already weak cable. That seems defective if causing phone to act up when connected. lol. Any idea or guide about how to change iphone 7 screen? Sharing here, my experiences with iPhone 7 screen repairs: Until last week, I've done 7-8 LCD original Foxconn assemblies, (and one refurbished assembly), all without any home button, or other issues. As or now I stopped accepting repairs for Iphone 7/7P until a validated solution is found. Hey! This has been proven countless times so don't waste time and money. 12/26/2016 by Accessibility. HB was/is dead.. (also before screen replacemnt, which the customer forgot to tell me). Sometimes a partial tear to the home button cable can cause the same failure. Low and behold, the second solution has actually worked!! A guy wrote here that he just opened an iPhone 7 and he didn't unplugged anything and the home button stop working. Allowed it to updated from 10.3.2, to 10.3.3 and voila! However Apple chose a simple static symmetrical key encryption instead of complex, secure but replaceable public key setup. Which makes perfect sense, since a slight warping of the touch sensor could cause it to malfunction, creating all the dreaded touch issues. Other people is writing that maybe is because the replacement screen is not original well that is not the cause why the home button stop working neither because I just replace the glass from the LCD for two iPhones 7 and the home button stop working and that is with the original LCD and cables. to the new screen. Hi Aldrin, we transferred the home button from screen to screen, but kept it with its original iPhone 7. HB to board link has to be encrypted to make sure data can't be read by malicious hardware or software hacks. I had this problem too after an iPhone 6S Plus screen replacement. It was dropped onto pavement, from "chest height", and the phone is now useless, and I can't help my costumer, due to these sneaky / childish construction politics from Apple, and because he dropped it, he has no warranty either. Recommendation: Do not allow the phone to be powered with any of the hardware disconnected and keep original Home button. I think it was the heat, even slight as it was--there is NO damage to the cables from the razor blade. It amazes me, that Apple even bother to spend time and money deliberately creating hassle, and annoyances for their own costumers, and subsequently for us "repair-dudes". The phone was also extremely slow. Low and behold, the second solution has actually worked!! Be EXTRA careful to not damage the final foil layer above the 3D touch pad. Conclusion: we found that using the original LCD but replacing the backlight with the long cable will solve the issue (we solve the issue twice so far). i work in a repair facility and we go through about a hundred a week. This ^. The HB has to be reset by service software, any user level operations simply refuse to work. 10/15/2017 by I had a case that it rules out your idea. When the home button works with the original screen but not the replacement screen, it is a bad screen and you need to warranty it or replace it. The issue is the after market home buttons cannot work for the i7, at least for me I tried a couple of them and nothing. Yet he experience that myth. I used a heat gun to heat up the back of the phone (low heat to the point of the metal just getting "warm") and a slight bit of heat on the edges of the screen, avoiding the home button. I have removed that single screw completely, restarted the phone, and the home button started working perfectly. So what's wrong with the new lcd? I put the screen back down. Oh, by the way. On the iPhone 7 in stead of holding the home button you hold down the volume down button for the reset so thinking you should be able to put iPhone in to DFU using th same method, haven't tried but just thinking it would work. Check The Cable. Turns out i had a bad batch of non oem screens that had faulty flex (serious bad luck there!). I did a full swap with home button from one iPhone 7 good screen to another iPhone 7 with a bad screen . Also this problem can occur if you were too rough with home button itself so make sure to heat it up before removing from original lcd. ive replaced the screen camera and it worked for a little bit then stoped working, replaced iPhone 7 screen and Home button forgot to unplug battery, phone does not turn on tried everything then I bought another screen Replacement and unplugged the battery this time connected the screen and then reconnect the battery still nothing then I plugged it in and found out that the battery was dead just needed to charge, © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — Haven't worked on a 7 yet. Gigabit87898. I was able to remove the shields to pop off the cables and then realized the screw heads were way too small for the tip I had. An update - I had the same HB issue-fixed my own iPhone7 screen with an iFixit screen (not cheap), reused my HB and my old camera/speaker assembly. Released September 16, 2016. Here's the fix Some aftermarket iPhone screens have stopped providing touch functionality after users upgraded to iOS 11.3. Learn more about preparing your iPhone for service. Out of curiosity, and for the purpose of experimentation and discussion: would a 6s screen work similarly? Mikolaj Lukanovic. If your iPhone is plugged in to the charger, connected to a computer, or to any … 08/06/2017 by ;). Very little heat is needed, as the material is thin, and heats up in a flash. To use simple words, this chip stores the key that allows the board to recognize it. I went through the DFU, and what it gave me was a “virtual” HB that appears on my screen as a ghost button. I’ve tried charging it and checking the cables. Can confirm at least in this one instance that replacing the prox sensor on the iph 7 did bring the home button back to full functionality . I can only deduce that the home button has somehow gotten damaged internally during disassembly and/or during the initial drop damage to the screen. I'd be glad to walk someone through trying it, if they have the spare broken phones around. @rany , Thanks for the FACT's, nice write up. So make sure to check all those out carefully before resorting to the Apple store. Of hundreds ive done this is the only two issues ive seen. I just replaced an iPhone 7 battery. Home button doesn't click or respond smh. 09/24/2016 by I'm still getting conflicting reports. From that point, use a wax-coated playing card, cut down approximately 1/2" from the width, and separate the rest of the backing plate from the layers of the lcd screen. The 5C had bad touch issues, the 6 had frame lifting issues, 6s with force touch and now with the 7 it's the aftermarket force touch/backlight again. On an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, a hard reset is performed by pressing and holding the power button and volume down button together for several seconds until the you see the Apple logo appear on the display. Did my first one today. ABDULLAH FARRUKH. In the second place, try a force reboot of the iPhone 7. :), No problem, and trust me, even for this tech since 1999, I was stumped by this issue for quite a long time. Do me a favor and turn your phone on and shine a light on the screen while looking at the screen from an angle. mehmet fatih daban, Same thing is happening with me apple cant physically do anything etheir looks like I have to wait like 5-10 days for them to fix it, 12/29/2016 by And the home button was broken beforehand, as you mentioned, therefore this has nothing to do with the repair. If you do, this is a back light issue now. Ok, so ran through some stuff. Same story. I have removed that single screw completely, restarted the phone, and the home button started working perfectly. I have given detailed instructions above on how to do the transfer. Jasen Friedle. Still not working? Touch issues after 7 plus screen install replacement So I had this happen today with two installation attempts with two different phones and two different replacement screens. I have swaped an intact iphone 7 screen to a broken lcd iphone 7 ( only lcd without home buttons). Now, when one forgets to unplug the battery, one of three things will happen when continuting with a repair. it has to be the original homebutton for it to work. I own and run a small repair shop in sweden. I have NOT moved the back plate, with HB key extension cable. Method 1: iPhone 6/6s Touch ID Can't Be Recognized After Screen Replacement: Some iPhone Repair Store may disassemble your iPhone 6/6s without powering off the device, which could be the reason that cause iPhone 6/6s Touch ID function failed after screen replacement. As a result, the non-native home button will not be able to scan the finger print and will not react to any input. Abdul Galib. @sfsrepair. Is it frustrating that your iPhone 7 touchscreen turned unresponsive? I have a hard time imagining it, but of course.. the POSSIBILITY is there, and with Apples "crazy super top security level", they might just want to block that.. ;-). so, don't know if the second new screen arrived with bad flat connector, or if apple put something that need to match ( like a chip somewhere in the backlight) with home button, but i swapped in the new screen, the old metal backplate, and ALL WORKS OK :) thank you Marius. In some cases, there may be a cost associated with the additional repair. 4th try : i placed the broken screen back with its home button, It works. Most customers do remember when they've got good parts and service ;). I loosened the screw behind the center of the home button (holding it to the metal bracket), and it magically works now. After reading through all these messages, here's a couple of interesting ones to try. I tried to adjust the home button intensity, changed the home button click speed, and uses AssistiveTouch to override this issue. Unplug Your iPhone. It all works. After swapping screens, trying donor phones, etc, nothing. I took it apart and checked connections several time to no avail. Some users have fixed dozens of phones in a row without any issues, while others including myself have had 4-5 phone in a row with the home button issue. So after swapping HB is no more working which mean u cannot enter DFU again. So we backed up phone, dropped it to DFU mode and did a complete restore. It's a lot faster, and 100% safe for the housing - No scratches - No heat! Its Apple software. This may not fix a lot of them, but it worked for me. If only the left screen connector is connected, touch screen works, but not home button. On an iPhone 7, press and hold the power and volume down button. I have removed that single screw completely, restarted the phone, and the home button started working perfectly. Terms — School and work have kept me quite busy. Some phones have to be a labrats for the experiment. Dont waste ur time as @tomchai said above. Mikolaj Lukanovic. Wanted to make sure that the button doesn't break when you try to remove it :-) thanks for the info Jasen. If you read this "Ged", please don't give this guy a minus for sharing his experience, while it might not be a "solution", the way to such a thing is often paved with experiences... thanks! If those cables were dislodged, it could be the reason why your iPhone 7 touch screen is not working. hopefully the connection for power is not damaged. Now home button will not initialize. I'll be happy to share. The one I got in the shop last week, had a broken screen, AND a small crack in the HB glass disc. This isn't a solution, it's more of a rant. Keep posting here with your results! It's called RecBoot. we confirm by testing the same screen on other devices. How To Fix An iPhone 7 Touch Screen That's Not Working Hard Reset Your iPhone. honestly it was most likely the screen you used. So, update…my daughter dropped her iPhone 7Plus and the screen shattered. Also, I thought it might have been my imagination but I could've sworn while I was heating the back (and the phone was off) I felt the haptic feedback engine vibrate, like the home button had been touched. Do you have any tutorial how to change flex? Touch ID can’t be recognized Reason: Without powering off the phone before replacing the screen You only have 5 or so attempts, until the iPhone requires the pass code anyway. So may be try a different/known good one. If the touch screen still doesn’t work after trying these Advanced Fixes, then move on to updating drivers and reinstalling the touch screen. it only works with the original LCD that iPhone has come with,it's really weird problems. It’s a weird work around, but it works. Question, where’s the backlight IC? If there’s damage to … Flica Hussey, Note: If you're running a repair shop, don't be afraid to ask a fair price instead of a bargain basement price for your parts and services. In my experience, it's true that the top camera/speaker flex cable has to be connected, otherwise the home button will malfunction. Let go of the power button or volume down button when your iPhone appears in … Some say the button not working is just a bad repair, others are saying Apple is up to nastiness again. It recognizes it in iTunes. On the other hand, it could also be caused by the home button's extension flex cable running through the back of the lcd, and/or a damaged camera/speaker flex cable on top. For all of these, I have re-used HB/Touch key, and all other "small parts", moving them over from the cracked screens. Guys, I had the same frustration with five different iPhone 7's, while using expensive $50 oem screens, so it's not always the screen that causes the issue. Really depends on the extent of damage and location of the rip. 09/20/2016 by reneholms The mystery deepens, as the home button has stopped working after the screen replacement, AND also stopped working even after the ORIGINAL screen has been put back along with the original home button! Press down on the part of your iPhone's screen where the small cables connect to the logic board (use the image above as a guide if you need to). Just disconnected the battery and reconnected, all working grand now. I successfully fixed over 100 iPhone 7/7P, however I just stared to run into this situation with the home button not working, it happened with 4 of my recent repairs. @kasperfix4u. 07/11/2017 by lol), broken ribbon, or corrupted software which can all be solved fairly easily, but the home button screw loosening should be tried first. Upon opening the phone a second time when I put it back together I got the message about home button may needing service. I had the same home button issue as many of you guys, with 5 iPhone 7's in a row while using expensive $50 oem screens. austin taylor, 05/23/2017 by The Home button on iPhone 7 will not work if you replaced a new screen. The phone worked perfect with the cracked screen including the home button and touch id , how ever when I replaced with a copy screen the home button and touch id both would not work so i put the parts back on the old original screen and they both worked. The hardware was fine. As a result of all this, plus the missing mini jack, the protruding camera lens, the awkwardly positioned "sleep key" key, the monopoly (and a few other annoyances), I have decided, that my own next phone, will be a fling with the brand, that has an "i" in the end of the name... not in the beginning! I then purchased a original refurbished LCD from a different part store and both home button and touch id worked. Low and behold, this solution has actually worked!! Since then we have fixed 50+ iphone 7 and 7 plus models, and no issues at all, I think for us that first one was an early batch issue similar to issues with haptic feedback on 6s series. Yes that will not work unfortunately, the phone will simply restart over,and over, you need the exact same parts for it.. 12/29/2016 by The home button and 3D touch share a single cable that leads to your phone’s internals. FACT 2: Apple - and only in an Apple owned Apple Store, but starting to show up at some AASPs as I write this - can replace the screen and home button and reprogram the new home button and pair it with the board/phone. I replaced the screen just fine first time. Well, now with the iPhone X, unless you replace the screen with an original screen (it's a $400 part! 07/03/2017 by Just after having that problem and fixed! [Not verified yet: a fellow tech observed that some i7 would boot without home button attached. It's better than nothing. It's reading my finger print but no click. I am often surprised, how much "rouge heat"is picked up by unintended items, such as metal tools lying next to, or even close to eg. FACT 8: after the release if iOS 11, and up till iOS 11.0.3, we noticed that some iPhone 7 devices cannot boot completely or may boot-loop if home button is missing or damaged (as well as front cam assembly). It is entirely possible that … How the heck did you actually break it already? To which the os was at 10. @broonie7203. I open the screen and realized it was a lot more effort than other iphones. His theory is that the board version that has a certain Intel chip would boot without the home button while the board version with a Qualcomm chip requires the home button to be installed to boot]. If the phone connects to itunes then you are probably in that "backlight IC fry" group. Clean iPhone screen and fingers. Home button didn't work I thought maybe it's cuz u need the original home button but seeing this thread it seems u guys ran into the same issue . Let me know what you find. tryed swap back on original cracked scree and all working. Solved it. @itscrocs15. First of all, clean the screen. After a lot of research I've come across of a suggestion which sounded interesting to me. I didn't disconnect ANYTHING, but when I turned the phone back on to test, neither the home button nor touchID worked any longer. mehmet fatih daban, I changed a iphone 7 screen . Accessibility. I think Apple has added a new 'security' measure. Interesting. So I did some research. I was just tightening that screw snug, but must have been too snug. That seems defective if causing phone to act up when connected. You have to carefully cut the adhesive around the top and 1/4" of the top of each side. Same I am interested too, haven't found anyone that has been successful in changing the screen while retaining the home button to work normally. billa.4you This could be a way that Apple has tried to lock us (repairmen) out of working on these phones. @billant. And to make the virtual home button even easier to use, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch > Customize then press the "-" 10 times to erase all the functions, finally press "+" and only add the HOME button. I did the DFU, and my home button still does not work. we had fixed about 10-12 i7 and 7 plus phones to date with no issues, but on this one the home button stopped responding (fingerprint worked fine). Have any of you experienced something like this? The Tech Doctors. This is a repost, but we had this same issue happen today. iPhone 7 touch screen not working is a common repair issue for Apple users, and there are many reasons for the unresponsive touch screen. Had this problem with a broken iphone 7 plus i purchased with a damaged screen. I would rather fit an original broken screen together with the damaged home button and send them to an Apple Store for complete screen assembly replacement and pairing (see FACT 2). I think this is a new solution for home button Iphone 7. ankurchouhan I even wrote in the very first line, that I was "sharing my experiences", obviously in regard to disassembly avoiding to damage the HB extension-flex.. thus trying to help other users.. so thanks a lot for the minus.. it is unik to the original screen so touch id will not work with screen replacement. Help! And iFixit screens do the same thing, I've tried. They could be using that to authenticate with the motherboard... 09/20/2016 by So make sure to check all those out carefully before resorting to the Apple store. I have removed that single screw completely, restarted the phone, and the home button started working perfectly. I have not yet installed the rear metal frame to the after-market screen. Neither the functionality nor the fingerprint scan worked. It is under the wielding on the lcd, I dought it I notice this after disconnecting the screen and plug it back in the home bottom was no longer working I had a working iPhone 7 no crack I when a head and took out the screen and truly it in the other one and the homebotton was not workin at in the other phone with a different assembly and home bottom I when ahead and took it out and place in its original iPhone and orginAl screen but the home bottom stop working on both phones what to do what could this possibly means as a repair store, The flex cable issue was back in 2016/2017 with low quality refurb screens. iTunes recognized it. I have the same problem, we tested two phones and the same problem happened after changing the original screen!!!!!! Zimbebabw Armete. Replace or Repair Your Broken iPhone 7 Touch Screen. When I go to set up touch id, it does not read my fingerprint when it says to input your fingerprint. iPhone 8 or later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. @mikkill, Either the flex for the homebutton on the new screen isn't working - or the cable in the button it self is damaged. You must replace the after market button with the original apple button from your old screen and even then it may not work. Basically, I pulled an amateur move and forgot to unplug the battery. However, after reading through all these messages, here's a couple of interesting ones to try. Again, aside from merely lifting the screen off the metal frame, this is the untouched original screen and home button I'm talking about. I have tested it several times , but the home button will not answer, I have tested with two LCDs. Home button came back just fine. After reading through all these messages, here's a couple of interesting ones to try. 2. You get what you pay for! Also, I tried to plug it into iTunes. That's because they came out with new aftermarket home buttons for iPhone7 and 8 which restores the home function only, but not the fingerprint sensor (since that's encrypted). But why should pairing the specific reader to the board make that any harder. Model 1660, 1778 Available as GSM or CDMA / 32, 128 or 256 GB / Rose gold, gold, silver, black, and jet black. While Touch ID is scanning, you shouldn't tap too quickly or move your finger around. This issue is mostly due to a defective screen, but can sometimes be motherboard. Sean Campbell, Bruce Vial They are making billions, so I really don't get the point. the original home button does not work on the new LCD , only on the old lcd. Robert Hayek Notice the chip on the back of the iPHone 6S screens. But expect cheap parts to perform poorly. You've shorted more than the IC backlight out and would probably be better off biting the bullet and taking it to an Apple store. I have repaired many iPhone 7 and 7 plus, and haven't had any issues. We were able to successfully swap a screen from one iPhone 7 to another iPhone 7—and the Touch ID/home button worked after the swap for us. Touch ID worked, but the button was unresponsive. 3. lol), and don't over-tighten the single screw in the back of the touch sensor. If the home button stopped responding after just opening it, you've either damaged the cable on the right hand side of the phone. 1. FACT 5: you may damage the home button and completely lose all functions, specially if you tear the home button cable. swap out the screen with a different one, and it works fine. I loosened the screw behind the center of the home button (holding it to the metal bracket), and it magically works now. 91% alcohol and a lint-free / scratch free medium. It seems to be all of the above... if the home button or its flex cable is broken then it's completely shot, short of taking it to an Apple store for a replacement. Final update: after market screen is fully installed and touchID and home button are still working properly. @scampbell86. This is hardware related.. for iphone 7/7plus i recommend using higher end LCD instead of the cheap copy. In my case was the front camera/speaker/sensor flex, After change flex , the home button works successfully. Are we concluding that even the SLIGHTEST heat is indirectly is causing this issue? our theory is that it's the cable going from the home button connector to the logic board. I've also made a habit of not putting the home button on my magnetic screw pad. Better to apply a tiny amount of heat, than to pull the flex cables. ;), Thank you for your comment, I think this will help me to resolve the issue with my phone, May 4 by When connecting the ribbons when the battery is connected allows the chance for the pins on the ribbon to mix match and create a bad circuit. Try replacing the top camera/speaker/proximity sensor flex cable with a new one, and everything should work fine again. There is always something manufacturers need to work the kinks out. This is weird! Richard Rosenberger. Then, press and hold the Side button until you see the recovery mode screen.