Management was very supportive. FirstService residential property management manages condos in the United States as well as Canada, they are a scam company and you should avoid doing business with them, you can do a google search for firstservice residential reviews or first service residential property management reviews and you will find so many complaints about them. She is smarter and more insightful than I am and she agrees that Jay is an excellent leader. AND REMOVED MY. In 2018, our maintenance person couldn’t operate a lift to replace light bulbs in our garage. Why are we paying them to manage the HOA if we have to pay additional to obtain documents that we are entitled to? Read other only testimonies and lawsuits this is a huge culture issue . Helen has also helped me a great deal when I was the Carillon Finance Commission Chairman. Can. Finally, they move you to their proprietary community website. I do not know how they are in business. Find 74 listings related to First Service Residential in Mesa on Instead they tell you your rent is late and charge you a late fee. Firstservice Residential Realty, LLC is a Massachusetts Foreign Limited-Liability Company (Llc) filed on November 26, 2012. The office operates whenever they feel like it. Lester Becker takes the best care of our building 24/7. Often times proposals or quotes are not done apples to apples . MIAMI”. Don't leave me hanging. FirstService Residential is an incredible organization. TRY. They were calming that 3 of my checks were returned. After 4 years living in an FSR property and having to deal with them I implore you to just walk away and look at something else.They happily promise you things, lie to your face when showing you a property and very happily take your money and give you nothing but grief in return.At first, your first little while things are ok. You think this this awesome, no stress, the minute that something goes wrong and you (heaven forbid) bring it up you're pretty quickly branded as difficult and given the run around. Anybody know how to join the class action lawsuit again this company? property management vancouver. First Service Residential and more specifically, Jennifer Bishop, our building manager, have been wonderful to work with. Now FSR is at it again. You can find contact details for FirstService Residential above.. is an independent complaint resolution platform that … After reading these comments i am connecting the dots. Stay Away from FirstService Residential FirstService has consistently shown itself to be unprofessional, unreliable, and unresponsive. The useless people I met in my life.If you own a condo find anyone else to look after your asset.These guys are unresponsive, unprofessional and lazy.They get paid to do less than the bare minimum.My HOA is going thru some difficult times due to some security concerns and maintenance.What started as a one person complaint is nearly turning to a revolution.At least 30 homeowners are now ready to get rid of these people.RUN AWAY! Do. Very sad to read all this comments. They were just trying to scam me out of money. I advise any community to stay away from this company.June 20th 2020 UPDATE- it has now been over a year since our initial request. WORST company ever. They did the same for the next 2 checks. EMBLEMS, Just one example of their abuse..., Non stop how. With that, she has more leverage than the others. In essence if the community would get rid of FSR the new management company couldn’t employ your key people as the non-compete prevents this. 92 reviews of FirstService Residential "They are simply the worst property management ever. GetQuorm stop dealing with first service residential, they are a scam, do a search on them and you will find many scam reviews listed about them on google. Stalking is hard to prove but with the police called out to property each time can give her more concrete proof to present to the Judge. I am in. Firstservice Residential in Hollywood, FL | Photos | Reviews | 8 building permits for $34,000. Find Out More Over the past year, this issue has been pushed up to multiple people, including a corporate executive who told me she had to pass on the issue to yet another person because she did not have access to the information. FirstService Residential is an incredible organization. ALL OVER. When you reach out for support to waive the late fee they take over a month to respond-Damages to the interior not being fixed for several months (front door lock and knob, neighbors apartment door smashed in, broken elevator, etc.) I have been displaced since then. Their response is either non-existent, or "we are looking into it." They are by far the worst management company I have dealt with. I just want to make sure that you are reaching out to the appropriate company, and … Tampa Stalkee. Although he is using the PROPERTY and the COMMON AREAS to commit his sick crime, he is stalking where he lives and owns a condo. Horrible service, waited on hold 25 minutes through the call center. MY CAR MY AIR. 708 FirstService Residential reviews. I am glad to found this post, it's a good one. Theft. I am now looking into moving to get away from them. When I first looked I read the reviews and thought, oh it can't be that bad.Well, sorry it is. He is honest, genuine, professional, courteous, respectful, hardworking, intelligent, beyond helpful and an invaluable asset to the care of our building. I would like to take this opportunity to commend Helen Fischer the Carillon Community Manager for her professional and outstanding performance serving our community as manager for FirstService Residential. !Here is what I found by doing a simple google search., Thank. My talented wife is a practical sociologist who has directed a pre-kindergarten school and raised children. Jay uses all his skills to build consensus among the residents. Contracts that they want approved by the board are easily approved, which makes first service employees thousands or millions in under the table commissions from contractors.Board of members need to come forward and report first service residential for all the wrong doings they are doing.But ofcourse most likely this will not happen because why would the board admit when they are getting a huge benefit in return such as free maintenance fees!But who’s earning the biggest benefit? You’d think they could utilize venders known to be successful at other properties. The company's File Number is listed as 001092860. Share Report. We’ve had two maintenance people in two years as well. 708 FirstService Residential reviews. ALIVE. This company will help you prepare to further you career. Do you have a lawyer? IT WAS. Everyone is very friendly and supportive. His name is William Ryan Blaney and lives at 13832 Orange Sunset Drive Unit 201.​Stalking is a profoundly serious and dangerous crime. After contesting the certification fee we had just paid months before FSR waved it. Our community is here on the weekends and we have serious problems with consistency, staffing issues, vendors (sleeping in locker rooms) Eliott refuses to be here on weekends when the residents are here until he can get process in place with reliable delegates of his. Usually the stalker is a current or ex romantic partner, friend, or acquaintance. thanks for this.Residential Property Management Charlottesville. Sell at 230. He is a "can-do" self starter who anticipates problems. FirstService Residential Overview FirstService Residential was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Mar 10, 2017 and since then this brand received 26 reviews. A former board member happens to be a contractor who is the only one who can replace the doors at a cost double of what it would cost to do with another contractor. They continually ask for the number of the corresponding pool key card, even though we have sent it to them three times. Very secretive, they provide tel numbers that are disconnected. "FirstService Residential has been our property management firm since February, 2002. Since June, he has been working out of his condo unit; SO, IMAGINE! He has waited for his present next-door neighbor to get out of work at 1130PM and act like he is walking his dogs. So I have some understanding of business, bureaucracy and people. In my year of living in a building who employs this company to run the front desk operations, I find the staff are always out of uniform, away from their desks or on their phones watching movies while working. their response "the poles are on order".. In reality, the manager works in his earliest days to pitch suggestions that “sink the fishhook deeper” like switching financial/insurance/banking over to another FirstService subsidiary “FirstService Financial” Conflict ? The culture is fantastic, and … Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! Looks like mafia.Just as Carmen utterbak said “THEFT WITH PERMISSION. I pay over 10 days early every month, however they now charge me a late fee every month no matter how early I pay. AND PARKINGS AT THE. He bought the Condo 15 years ago. I have notice this. I aim high. Disappointing. THEY VANDALIZED. We are being harassed by Property management for no reason, green stickers/tow- away to a personal small van that has complied with all requirements for parking in private parking. THE COW. This company has an excellent website, great for the perception that it can resolve a lot of the commonly known complaints a community would have of others management companies. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. These people have tried to rip me off several times. Contact Housing Urban and Development. I am so angry! When he was caught, he walked away quickly as if he was just walking his dogs.​I understand Management/HOA do not have much enforcement power and must be followed by law enforcement protocol for such matters to be resolved as far as the criminal act itself. As you can see many are saying the same thing about the board members getting kickbacks from firstservice such as free maintenance fees which is illegal.First service along with all board members affiliated with them should be throughly investigated for fraud and other crimes.First service forges proxies at the time of the election in order to choose board of directors that are affiliated with them in order to keep first service active in the condominium.What’s in it for the board members? Oops our mistake. Big. Careers at FirstService Residential. Find 34 listings related to First Service Residential in Vero Beach on My condo got flooded recently by a next door neighbor's bathroom. 100 % TRUE THAT'S Y THEY KEEP QUIET ALSO GET. First Service is a great starting point. Worst, worst customer service ever!!!! FSR is a terrible company to have to live with. Helen does a fantastic job in keeping the residents informed of events and most recently during the pandemic in terms of her staff’s support and community communications. THE contractor WON'T TALK THE KICK BACKS ARE BACK AND. I worked for First Service Resedential for two years Staff and property management are great and make you feel at home. Apparently not... they continue to hook the community deeper by trying to get key employees “the front desk guy who has been at the community for years and has a relationship with everyone” to resign from their previous employer and be employed under FSR. Employees and. This company is careless, full of excuses, and absolutely horrible at customer service and problem resolution. We are being scammed by this company now. He fails to understand his role as general manager often times deflecting his liability on excuses like not being here or a previous manager. FLORIDA NOTHING we. They give homeowner 30 days to comply and they take their own sweet time to repair. They are destroying our condo installing unnecessary roof wrappings using all our reserves and depreciating our property to sale to some developer. The overall rating of the company is 1.0 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. I've reached out for simple questions related to the bylaws, and to understand it better. Our vendors have consistency issues , leaving bleach spots around our pool, trash rooms filthy, incomplete carpet cleaning. They are incapable of providing maintenance services and are not licensed to do predicable maintenance items. FirstService Residential 7 801 Mission Center Ct. San Diego 92108 619-297-3818; 1 Review, 1 star Typical yelp review: “The worst HOA service company! I own it. Do your research, read the reviews online and please stay away from this company..Their staff are extremely unreliable and unprofessional. FirstService Residential is an incredible organization. First Service Residential Reviews (54) Add a review. I am writing to advise the FirstService Residential management company that you have an outstanding highly-skilled front line condo building manager Jay Dawson who is ably steering the large 333 Meyer West Condominiums towards a bright future. I always knew what he was doing so I would make him wait 5 minutes for me to get out. Upon further research we found that firstservice residential used to be called Continental and also Simerra Property Management.They changed their name to firstservice residential due to several complaints posted about their previous company name.We ask that you post your complaints about this company below, you may choose to post anonymous if you wish by choosing the anonymous option in the submission box.We suggest that you find a better property management company for your condominium, having firstservice residential as your property management company will decrease the value of your condominium. One night at 1230AM, after coming home from hanging out, I pulled into my parking space with my music on and he ran downstairs in his boxers, acted like he was getting something out of the car, and went back up. Story below. FirstService doesn’t bill our board members maintenance fees.This is illegal and must be stopped. Jay is honest, frank and hard-working. 10 FirstService Residential reviews in Hollywood. Can someone reach out to me I'd like to hear your stories. They are using our association attorney against us. FirstService Residential Florida, Inc. They provide a high level of service and quality management that allow the Board of Directors to function properly. They never pick up phone calls or answer emails even the hotline number. I used to live in a building before management by Simerra Property Management then changed to FSR FirstService Residential property management and I moved out a while ago because I couldn’t agree having a shady property management at the place I live in.I agree with many posts about them, having first service as your property management company makes your property de-appreciate in value.My advise to the board of directors is to terminate the contract of first service as soon as possible, they are all over the news and found to be corrupt. to many sources including the YouTube video posted above, they are known for stealing millions of money from your condo common element/maintenance fees.