Your knee is the largest joint in your body and it is made up of several important pieces. 8 Reasons You Should Start Learning Kathak Dance Today! Similar to cruciate ligament injuries, an injury to the collateral ligament causes the knee to pop and buckle, causing pain and swelling. You will be approached to twist and fix your leg (if it is possible) as the specialist feels for any dislocation of the kneecap or different indications of a physical issue to the bones, tendons, or ligaments in the knee. … Not sure what a contusion is? Imaging may likewise be necessary as well. 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Knee pain is a side effect normal to most knee injuries and other severe knee conditions. Ice. The patella, or kneecap, is tough, but it’s still prone to injury in a few different ways. A bone bruise may take several weeks or months to heal before you can return to normal activities. Treatment options include physiotherapy, arthroscopic surgery and open surgery. If you feel like your range of motion in the knee is … See a GP if the pain is very bad or lasts a long time. Everything You Need to Know About Using a Cold Compress, Pregnancy Loss Is Lonely — Especially for Transgender People, The 9 Best Plant-Based Meal Delivery Services, Blue Apron’s Weight Watchers Plan: A Detailed Review, pain in your knee when extending your leg, pain that’s more severe than a normal bruise and lasting longer. Start Your Day By Jogging: Health Benefits & Pro Tips, Trying To Fix A Fitness Routine? When you fall or collide with an object or a person, your kneecap makes first contact and shields the different parts within your knee joint. How To Shave Down There? Creatine supplements are often used to enhance athletic performance, increase strength, and reduce muscle damage. Abrasion is another term for a scratch. This happens when the skin rubs against a harsh surface, for example, black-top or concrete. Feeling Bloated? 10 Cute And Useful Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Moms-To-Be! Sources of knee pain after a fall on concrete If you fell on concrete or any other hard surface and started experiencing knee pain closely after this episode, chances are you sustained an injury to the articulation of your knee or any other related structure. Find Out Here! Always consult your doctor for a … Rainy Day Outfit: Be A Stand Out, Not A Wash Out! Try The Amazing Cuticle Oil! Knee Pain. Knee injuries are a common and often frightening injury to everyone from sports participants to average every day people. 6 Plants You Need To Have For Your House Right Now! A laceration is a cut or a type of puncture wound that causes a tear or opening in the skin. It stands for: For minor knee contusions, your doctor may recommend anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil). Transgender Day Of Remembrance: Every Life Is Precious! These include bone, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, any of which can be injured in a fall. A bruise, or contusion, occurs when an area of skin has suffered trauma. Finally, the Meniscus is a type of fibrous cartilage that provides support, stability, and shock absorption for the knee. Chances are, you’ve probably had one. Below are several examples of verdicts and settlements in cases involving knee injuries, mostly stemming from car accidents and slip and fall incidents.