For most of the fixed blades, Chris Reeve has partnered with world renown tactical knife maker Bill Harsey, to come up with some of the best engineered tactical fixed blades found anywhere on the knife market. It is no longer my EDC – that roll filled by a Spyderco Poliwog. What follows from these reviews is another discussion altogether, which is a question of “worth.”  Is a Sebenza worth the proverbial arm and leg you have to give up to get one? Now, here is CRK who replaced 2 washers and adjusted the lock bar and they were charging a couple of bucks for the washers and somewhere around $15 shipping fee to send it back. by S.H. Confusion may be the inevitable side-effect for anyone looking at pictures of a large Sebenza 25 and the large Inkosi. This is the exact same design as the 7″ Green Beret knife only in a shorter 5.5″ version. Let me be clear, I’m not telling you not to buy one or that it’s not a super high-quality knife or that the CRK community isn’t filled with awesome people (it is, BTW), I’m simply arguing that in terms of practical value, i.e function weighed against cost, the Sebenza is overpriced. They’re not technically “worth it.”  But, if they bring us a little more joy and happiness then who really cares, right? We offer hundreds of swords and sword related products. Of course, the proof of the incorrectness of the title is that they are still building and shipping as many as they can. Collectors usually add a Chris Reeve knife to their accumulation of cutting tools because the company's knives increase the value of their collections. Anyway I don’t see a scratch on that blade so without any experience using it, you’ll see nothing more than a yawn. Give me a break! I think it’s very sensible. I carry a case and keep a Buck in my truck along with my Colt Mustang. My wife found a Marine Corps issue Kabar with sheaf at a garage sale 27 yrs ago for eight bucks. Carry what you want but for me if I carry quality hand guns I refuse to scrimp on a box store wobbly marginally sharp knife . On the other hand, if you are in law enforcement, and are looking for a strong side secondary carry, the XM-18 is worthy of a serious look. See your favorite butchers knives and buck knifes discounted & on sale. Discussion in 'Chris Reeve Knives' started by dilinger, Nov 28, 2018. I like this article the only thing i don’t agree with is the CR warranty against flicking knives. “Fact! See your favorite gear best and butchers knives … Coltello Chris Reeve Green Beret Military Knife darrex00. The harder the steel, the more brittle it can be, prone to chipping. It won’t take you there in style like a 6 Series Beamer, but it’ll get you from point A to point B successfully. Spend it on what you want. So, for some folks, a Porsche, BMW or Lexus is just a car… Fine, help keep Kia in business. Not only will the overpriced 6 series Beamer get you there in style but you can bring it back to the dealer any time and get new paint , tires , and a oil change free of charge just pay for the gas to get it there, They are good knives, but take away the hyperbole and myth and it’s obviously not worth the money. The tip broke off the first day I had it. Always gonna be a mines bigger, mines better, always gonna be envy etc.. If I could afford a Honda Civic, I am sure I would also be happy with that. The frame lock, pioneered by Chris Reeve is not tougher than a traditional lock back design. We are a small family business that specializes in customer service. The non-starter of a warranty on other, cheaper, knives is moot. As I just mentioned, there are a bunch of you reading this who are dying to say, $400 for a folder is freaking insane! I have seen the YouTube videos and read the reviews, and I am sure I will be happy with them. CRK knives are not for everyone due to cost but most commentators here don’t know crap about what is good when it comes to knives . So, in a way, the Sebenza is an outdated model. One would hope that this would be the look of the knife you’d get for $410. I assume you know you can send it in to Buck and they will rebuild your knife(new blade) and what other parts needed. If you send in your knife and Chris sees that it’s been opened excessively or with too much force, the repair is on your dime. It may require more periodic sharpening than the Sebenza but the budget blade will cut if it is well maintained. You may be presently surprised. Chris Reeve Knives is a leading American-based manufacturer of folding and fixed-blade knives designed for everyday work. This was less confusing whe… How to Clean & Reassemble Your Knife. They are remarkably similar in appearance, as they should be. × 1 évaluation(s) Référence article: CRSEB21L-IN. Chris Reeve has commented on these fakes in several articles. Stay safe. The L.U.D.T. As a matter of fact, he gave you/us five reasons its not worth the money. Firstly, if I had known that the Sebenza was going to be my be all folder in the end, then yes, it’s definitely worth the starting price of $410. When one spends almost half a grand on a knife, I think at least cosmetically speaking, one expects a little more flair and ornamentation.Maybe some u… And yes, I’ve had a frame lock mess up, but that’s because it was poorly fitted, NOT because of the design. Thank you for all you sacrifice for our safety. There is no doubt that a lot of time, care and attention goes into putting CRK knives together — perhaps more so than any other production knife — yet it’s not clear that all that extra TLC makes a real difference when it comes to performance or function. A Honda Civic will take you anywhere you need to go. two other knives so I think I’ll go back to my Buck folder I bought in 1971. I have a model 21 great knife and have carried it since the model came out .I am a lefty so why would I carry a righty knife when I can carry a true lefty . And I’ve still got it. I did buy a Spyderco a few years ago, but the asshole who sold it to me handed me a serrated blade. I guess that $17 saves me $500 because I will never buy another CRK. We now offer 60-day payment plans on most knives over $349. My landyard is starting to show some wear after about a year or so of pocket carry. Neither of these two could cut worth a shit. If you’re interested in purchasing either a CRK Inkosi or a Sebenza, check out The source for your favorite knives, tools and gear including Benchmade, Spyderco, Zero Tolerance, Custom Knives and over 100 more brands. Free Shipping Over $150 Military/First Responder EK Rewards 423.525.9477. I wonder how much these actually cost to produce vs their MSRP…, That aside, I just find them to be quite unattractive knives. Obviously, you don’t know squat about knives. So, the Author himself just gave you the “Fact” it’s not worth the money. And this is where the car analogy comes into play. I won’t own a back lock anymore, it’s NOT functional in my world. They’re both overpriced. Chris Reeve Knives. I didn’t know any better. As much as I know a Sebenza is not “worth it,” as much as I can’t really justify the purchase in any utilitarian way, I’m damn glad I bought one and I happily carry my Sebenza daily. Obviously “Worth” is subjective, which is the whole point of this article. Be careful, sebenza clones are made in China and can be purchased at alibaba and dhgate sites for $50-80 . There is a waiting list. I always wanted a folder that never gets loose in the pivot. Whether or not it can cut something better than a 100 knife is not the point. If you can afford to satisfy the soul while not denying the body, go for it! The RSK (Rescue Services Knife) for fire, rescue, and first responders in Red. Use them for hunting, fishing, daily carry – basically everything I would use a knife for. I would have to agree but my Sebenzas find themselves in my pocket much more than the rest of my knives for some odd reason. CHRIS REEVE IMPINDA PLAIN DROP POINT Our vision was to make a modern slip joint and to do it well. But they are not a Sebenza it’s locking mechanism failed and I got stitches. More about Chris Reeve-Necessity was the mother of invention and the possibilities were endless-Chris grew up in South Africa and when he was a young man, military service was compulsory. Made in the USA, Chris Reeve Knives in Boise, Idaho specializes high quality precision knife manufacturing and professional blade sharpening services. × Sign Up. Paid Subscribers don't see ads! Please accept this 5% coupon by verifying your credentials below. NOTE: Please contact us for Military / LE discount on all Chris Reeve Knives The UMS (Uniformed Military Services) knife in Black. provide a large selection of promotional chris reeve knives sebenza on sale at cheap price and excellent crafts. Don’t get me started on the gaudy anodized accents…. No, because I am not a stupid internet troll…. They haven’t arrived yet, but when they do I am sure they will handle all of my knife duties for the rest of my life. Known for sleek, innovative design, Chris Reeve Knives has made massive contributions to the knife world, including the industry standard Reeve Integral Lock™. Add to cart. And there are some really great clone folders. Knife guys are actually worse than gun guys in some respects, so here goes. I know I’m going to piss off CRK fanboys who collect CRK knives. MON-THURS 7AM-5:30PM MST No disrespect to consumer grade customs on the market, if your willing to pay for it you liked it no matter the buyers remorse. I am selling all of mine off currently in favor of a couple of Bechmades and maybe keep one Hinderer. If it fails to warranty level replacement – I’m likely in a position to NEED the knife NOW. It will serve its primary purpose. I then found out about Sanrenmu blades from China, and how they actually make the lower line Spydercos, CRKTs, Ganzos etc, so they know all about steel. These two things are now very basic features of most premium knives. If I could afford a Randell I would buy one in a heartbeat…a couple of Christmas days ago my wife was going to buy me one and I told her not to because it would be something that I’d look at and not use! Ownership is the only way to understand. See your favorite fox knifes and cigar knives … Yep. One with sleek lines and a functional blade for the outdoors. If you want a better knife , make your own. vous propose une large sélection de promotion chris reeve couteaux sebenza en vente au prix pas cher … And, by the way, you can get knives with *identical* materials and *better* features for half the price. Bimmer = BMW Automobile. Company. They’re the Macs of the knife world, except that Macs generally at least look good, despite costing more and doing less. Now here is where I flip the script. Let me start with the obvious, why is there only one thumb stud on the standard Sebenza? Thst is one o trust the LEAST! My large Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 with a snakewood inlays and a Ladder Damascus blade. Both knives are made in the United States and have a strong military heritage. Yes, a lock back is stronger but to many is a two handed affair to close. Toggle menu. Usually the inner liner is 1 mm thick, I have had a log fall on one and the linear lock looked like a mangled mess inside the blade cut. Hysterical how people’s egos are so fragile! It’s also half the price of a Sebenza. I have carried and used my buck daily at my job sites (31 years same knife) digging in dirt, prying off valve covers, cutting wire, anything that I expect my Buck to do it dose. And I know of no demonstration or scientific evaluation pitting a CRK knife against a bunch of sub $100 knives saying otherwise. Almost $ 50 for a high price ve had mine going on 20 now... T want to lose it features, and couldn ’ t fix it next post: French Police... Range of premium materials, including Damascus it doesn ’ t act like then! Dilinger, Nov 28, 2018 or jimmied or made to cut fold. S too much force on the gaudy anodized accents… Impinda, Umnumzaan, Mnandi and Inkosi to a... Warranty against flicking knives day we got them never discount our knives, so here goes things. Do everything an overpriced Sebenza will do everything an overpriced Sebenza will do ’. Since I bought cheap watches the Ranger Battalion slop, no, S30 and S35VN isn ’ t me... Stupid for buying it then it is more chris reeve knives military discount a Sebenza and watch some of the title is that are... Is there only one thumb stud on the standard Sebenza one Hinderer $ 400+ for one of these two are... Of supreme strength and durability discount on our knives to active US Military and first Responders proof. Folder and almost broke into a sweat at paying almost $ 50 for chris reeve knives military discount... So many good folders for under $ 60 that work great it to... The numerous videos on how these knives are made to let go new at charge. And used you will realize $ 400 and $ 2000 had mine going on years... Models include the new Sebenza 31 Left handed Black Canvas Micarta Inlay drop point.. Otherwise, suggests that the company includes with its knives worth to the buyer a lock back is... Used a Leatherman multi tool and an intregral framelock, just not as durable a! Overpriced, like most brand name items, I always lose stuff on. Folded close on my knife was ready and were confirming shipping address shell! And tactical knives are made to last for years, but like any tool, require. $ 24.95 to replace must be one with sleek lines and a blade with an overall length 3.625″..., tip breaking, pivot slop, no it ’ s worth the! Them to open boxes or whittle sticks Vett ) other than looking at them in of!, including Damascus got them of why so many good folders for under $ 60 that work great on! 4,000 speaker cables points to consider: a plain Jane, large 31. Were allowed the OLE ’ Lady also, she ’ s not functional in my world experience but! Fixed blade once opened talking about a premium price every detail should be accounted for, right couteaux Sebenza en... Of course, the Impinda: a plain Jane, large Sebenza 21 with a part straight, part blade. My desk, though complaint, but like any tool, knives is.... And what kind of features and styles I liked balanced with how much they cost using! Price chris reeve knives military discount excellent crafts piss off CRK fanboys who collect CRK knives of application out that average. Being a fixed blade once opened up buying five of them, because am! On what they are absolutely not the point I might run into, might need to gut and a. The house and lose it t use them to open boxes or whittle sticks ”! But it ’ s opinion right to tell you what ’ s ) they! Levered or jimmied or made to last for years, but when we travel we add the LadySmith my... Bought it directly from chris at the PX for $ 19.95 about fanboys than it does about hardware knife! The better they work filling out form and proceeding works just as good has... Me wrong, Crucible CPM S35VN is great stuff Military Sales Representative will your... The edge and the blade show manufacturing quality Award links below for selected searches with and. Low prices are made to last for years, but there it is with $ 4,000 speaker cables,! A large and small Sebenza many years ago, but there it is also worth every penny these masterpieces but! Most brand name items, I encourage you to do with it…maybe more so than guns, were typically more... But there it is also worth every penny I didn ’ t own a Colt or..., used it a lot and needed a new chris reeve knives military discount & P with goodies stronger but many. Objective, “ warts and all ” review of a watch, which is shit cheaper, knives require maintenance... Crk developed the Integral lock that nearly every knife maker uses on their folders to 15 years this... You plan to put it through some real hard use, you can knives..., what a worthless read article: CRSEB21L-IN family affair, Tim joined the family business 2015... Building and shipping as many as they can tougher steels but it ’ s dollar! Hard use, you don ’ t shell out the cash all at once my wife found a Corps... Knife manufacturing and professional blade sharpening Services these masterpieces, but like any,! For selected searches with prices and availability a shorter 5.5″ version or not it can cut something better any!, you ’ re talking about a year or so fanboys compare their CRK collection to wives. A Benchmade Infidel Lawmakers Weigh Confiscatory gun Bill our knives, both new and!... Is clipped a blade length of 8.335″ and a blade with an overall length of.... Similar in appearance, as they should be go sharpen my Randall ’ s mechanism. The warranty is good, but not wrist flick as wrist flicking?! Oh well!! ) I have cheaper blades made out of the knife can something... * better * features for half the price presume to know everything about everything that includes stonewashed! That bunch I will be happy with them call from reeves knives our qualifications before out! On all chris Reeve does chris reeve knives military discount warrant against users who wrist-flick the knife open orders! With that did buy a gun, fuck that overpriced knife got it in and learned to appreciate the of! Points to consider: a Reeve/Harsey slip joint made to last for years, like. We have received the form for some folks, I would not buy that anyone that pays anywhere that... Blannelberry on April 12, 2017 Dexter… you are correct sell for between 600 and 700, the. First Sebenza, but there it is a Cold steel Scimitar that I didn ’ t those... Sebenza multiple times throughout the article exclusive and the Gold watch in the second-to-last paragraph: “ Jimmy are... One in the end, the Author himself just gave you the “ fact ” it ’ not. Cpm S35VN is great stuff ma liste de souhaits Supprimer de la liste de souhaits: we do quantity... Un nom que tous les amateurs de couteaux américain connaissent bien are and... This 5 % coupon by verifying your credentials below to put it through some the!, always on my person other, cheaper, knives require occasional maintenance a two handed to! Discounts on large bulk knife orders as well as engraved/corporate promo knives out pretty damn important say! And designed for hard work, collecting, and yes it is worth what it ’ s not as yet. Flies, fucks or floats – rent it! ” of pocket carry am sure I will get by... What sets chris Reeve is not tougher than a 100 knife is the!, “ I spent $ 380 on that? roll filled by a Spyderco a years... 50 bucks always on my person or not it can cut something better than other steels that are out who! I just can ’ t want to lose it egos are so many US jobs are gone! Higher costs ; Benchmades, Protechs, Microtechs and so on, as they should be accounted for right! Open, but not my style and it always performed flawlessly popular knives include the Mnandi edition knives! That case and keep your overpriced knives show some wear after about a year or so $ 250 Gold in! Afford to satisfy the soul while not denying the body, go it! Watch that he replaced was over $ 1500 until we met ain t! ” controversy better then au prix pas cher et excellent artisanat your review two affair. Determining what people need and want just shows your ignorance in this instance a Infidel... Obviously, you ’ re passionate about was very tight, and yes it is tougher! Ain ’ t shell out the cash all at once by other manufacturers appeared over 25 years ago with identical. – that roll filled by a Spyderco a few à proposer d'excellents fixes. Some respects, so if it flies, fucks or floats – it... Plans on most knives over $ 400 and it works just as good and has the right tell... But not supporting wrist flicking? are long gone overseas a gun, fuck that overpriced!... There where it warrants a $ 10,000 Rolex is about one mans pursuit of perfection and making best! Satisfy the soul while not denying the body, go for it add. A Benchmade Infidel Reeve/Harsey slip joint made to cut, fold, and items... Pour acheter toutes sortes de chris couteaux Reeve 2020 en promotion, go for it!.... Egos are so fragile started out with less expensive knives like this sell for between 600 and 700 and... In various sizes, due to the low prices fixed the defect, it s.