Word quickly got out, and by 1897 there was a fully operating mine on the site, named “Sons of Gwalia” after the brothers’ Welsh heritage. Sons of Gwalia mine went into receivership within days of the closure. Mr Hoover was mine manager for the Sons of Gwalia Mine and lived in the house in 1898. Gwalia is the deepest trucking mine in the world and has reached a … Sons Of Gwalia Mine. The Sons of Gwalia mine was first worked in 1898. The mining resumed 2008, and was obviously boosted by the raising gold price. Gwalia Deeps is the name given to the down plunge extension of the Sons of Gwalia ore body from 1,075 metres below surface. When visiting or passing through the historic Northern Goldfields, call into the Leonora Tourist Information Centre to … The Sons of Gwalia Ltd gold mine was a prosperous undertaking at Gwalia, a few miles south of Leonora, which is centrally located – in the middle of nowhere. Gwalia is a former gold-mining town located 233 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie and 828 kilometres east of Perth in Western Australia's Great Victoria Desert.Today, Gwalia is essentially a ghost town, having been largely deserted since the main source of employment, the Sons of Gwalia gold mine, closed in 1963. St Barbara Limited acquired all of Sons of Gwalia assets, which included three other gold mines, besides the Gwalia mine, which was on care and maintenance at that time. On 17 January 1964, the State Hotel in Gwalia closed its doors on a town that was nearly deserted. Over 67 years, the mine … The major plant items on the mine site were bought by the State, and smaller … In the 1980s, a new Sons of Gwalia company, formed by the brothers Peter and Chris Lalor, descendants of Peter Lalor, started retreating old tailings before mining the old workings. The picnic was put on by the mine and everybody was invited. The Gwalia Deeps underground Gold Mine is located 3km south of Leonora in the north-eastern goldfields of Western Australia. A travelling US geologist, Herbert Hoover, the future US president, saw the prospect and urged … Read More. The Gwalia Mine, today, is owned and operated by mining company St Barbara Limited after Sons of Gwalia went into administration at the end of August 2004. Gwalia Mine, Leonora, Leonora Shire, Western Australia, Australia Readers from America maybe interested to learn that this house was the home of Depression Era United States President, Herbert Hoover. Gwalia’s story dates way back to 1896, when three prospectors hit the jackpot and found gold in this remote region during the height of Western Australia’s gold rush. The Gwalia Gold Mine was purchased from insolvent Sons of Gwalia by St Barbara Limited with a 3 year plan to reopen it. Leonora Visitor Centre. The narrow-gauge railway line which extended from the townsite of Gwalia into the hinter-land followed the camps of the timber cutters in their pursuit of supplying bush timber to burn in the ever-hungry boilers of the Sons of Gwalia mine. Leonora Visitor Centre. The Gwalia Historical Museum is located in the old mine offices of the original Sons of Gwalia Gold Mine. You will recall that this is where to-be-USA-President-in-1928 Herbert Hoover was General Manager around the turn of the 20 th century. The mine's name can be traced back to its Welsh heritage with former owners, Sons of Gwalia, translating to Sons of Wales. The mining company the Lalors founded in 1981 built its fortune reviving one of WA's most famous mines, the old Sons of Gwalia mine near Leonora, north of Kalgoorlie.