From luxury cat trees, cat scratching posts, outdoor cat trees and cat houses to budget cat bedding and wall bridges. Cats don't mess with Christmas trees to annoy us, but they definitely can ruin our holiday decor if we're not careful! Many cats like to sleep in cat trees because they mimic sleeping in real trees, which felines do naturally in the wild. For example, a cat may be less likely to scratch your rug or sofa if she has nice material to get her claws into instead. A luxurious cat condo from Furhaven. The posts are covered with sisal rope, a natural fiber material that cats love because it adds a bark-like texture and is perfect for scratching. This tower is also constructed with sisal rope that promotes healthy scratching. First of all, they are concerned about their own comfort. They may be gifts all right—but they're definitely not just for show! if you dislike the trees I provided in the comparison chart for whatever reason, I wrote a full buying tutorial for you If you've been thinking about getting a tree for cats in your house, you've stumbled across the right corner of the internet. The next cat tower on our list comes from Go Pet Club and is among the more affordable options you'll find. Be sure to share this article with them before they head online or to the local pet store to purchase a cat tree of their own. Designed by professional pet product designers committed to putting your pets needs and preferences front and foremost while using environmentally friendly materials that are harmless to pet and to the pet owners. This condo is quite high, so it can be placed near the window, since cats like looking out the window. A natural tree will never swing from side to side. With a large wide base (28″W x 24″L), this cat tree for large cats won't tip over, making it safe and fun to use for your feline friends. Durability and steadiness. For one thing, cat trees provide animals with a safe and interesting place to exercise. If you put the three in a place which the cat does not actually visit, it’ll not attract the pet’s attention. Rest assured that I put these products on the list specifically due to their genuine quality and not for other reasons. Choose from gray, brown, or beige. Give your big kitty the space he needs to be himself. When choosing cat trees for big cats, whether they be larger breeds or simply a little heavier than their peers, it is vital to choose an option that is sturdy and stable. Old damaged cat trees should generally be replaced; otherwise the damaged areas may pose a health hazard to your felines. A so-called “cat magnet,” this unusual and unique cat tree features multiple different materials and modular designs that are perfect for curious cats. The condo can be considered one of the biggest cat tree models and it provides a number of seating places and sleeping areas. Welcome at Cat Tree specialist RHR Concepts B.V. We have been developing large cat trees under the RHRQuality brand since 2002 and import them from several countries. There are three floors of the cat tree house furniture. The best cat trees for big cats are built with this in mind. If they do not get it, then living together with them will become unbearable. High-quality material. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This is due to the fact that the unstable model isn’t able to realize all the needs of the kitten. ... Gymax Luxury Cat Tree Cat Tower for Large Cats w/Double Cozy Plush Condos & Sisal Post.